onsdag 14. mai 2008

In English please...

I've just this weekend installed the StatCounter application to my blog, and noticed that there are quite a few international visits here. As a result, I'm considering to include some English comments to my projects.

The question is how to make it simple and user friendly. Maybe there should have been a button to choose In English please... with a short version of the text. Maybe next time you visit my blog, you will find some English here as well. ;-)

Hungry Pussycat is one of my 16" plates (used as place mats, table toppers, or as wall pieces). The technique is stack and cut, with both rounded and straight cuts. Variations of the same pattern will give you other motives, such as the Leaf on a Plate and My Heart on a Plate, pictured alongside the left hand side of the blog.

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